8 Animals that Live in Mountains

Yak in the mountains

While desert animals need features to sustain extreme drought, mountain animals need features to adapt to living at high altitudes. A high elevation means less air so a higher lung capacity is one of the features that these animals have developed. being able to climb steep slopes of majestic mountains in immense mountain ranges is … Read more

8 Animals That Live in Lakes

Flamingos living in lakes

Some animals thrive in the salty water of the world’s oceans, other animals live in the freshwater of the world’s most amazing lakes. Many of the ocean creatures that live in extreme depths have adapted to their environment in fascinating ways. The same can be applied to animals that live in the sheltered world of … Read more

8 Animals that Live in the Desert

Animals that live in the desert

Desert animals are creatures that don’t mind the harsh conditions of some of the aridest places on the planet. Thye have adapted in such a way that they can cope with little precipitation, a remarkable feature in itself. Many of the most famous deserts in the world are inhabited by a wide variety of animals … Read more

Top 10 Most Beautiful Butterflies In The World

Most beautiful butterflies in the world

Butterflies are insects that are part of the order “Lepidoptera.” These colorful-winged creatures make up the entire superfamily “Papilionoidea” and have been flying around on the planet for at least 56 million years according to discovered fossils. The final part of the complete 4-cycle metamorphosis that these insects undergo is without a doubt the most … Read more

Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds In The World


Did you know that some of our beautiful winged friends can sometimes be rather grumpy, and in some cases even extremely dangerous? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most dangerous birds in the world, creatures you don’t want to come across any time soon! 1. Cassowary The Cassowary is … Read more

List Of The 8 Types Of Bears In The World

types of bears

Did you know that bears are also referred to as “Ursids?” These large carnivores are part of the Ursidae family and consist of 3 different extant subfamilies. There’s also a wide variety of extinct species of which remains have been discovered all around the world. These subfamilies include: Ailuropodinae Tremarctinae Ursinae In this post, we’re … Read more

Top 8 Scariest Spiders In The World

scary spiders

Many people have some sort of fear from 8-legged, air-breathing arthropods referred to as spiders. You don’t have to be arachnophobic though to realize that some of these creatures deserve a part in the worst types of horror movies. While it’s true that spiders look terrifying and they can inject deadly venom, of the 43,000 … Read more

12 Most Beautiful Cats In The World

beautiful cats

Instead of figuring out what the biggest cat species in the world are, this list takes a closer look at some of the most beautiful cats in the world. So here you go, scroll down and enjoy these cute little creatures! 1. Birman Cat The Birman Cat is a type of long-haired cat with deep … Read more

19 Most Beautiful Birds In The World

beautiful birds

They fly around and come in all colors, and in this post, you’ll discover an amazing list of the most beautiful birds in the world! Related: Check out some of the most dangerous birds in the world! 1. Flamingo The flamingo is one of the most distinctive birds on the planet. They are known to … Read more

Top 15 Least Aggressive Dog Breeds

least aggressive dog breeds

Are you planning to get a dog? Are you worried he might be aggressive or hard to train? Then take a look at this list with the least aggressive dog breeds. While you’re at it, check out some of the most aggressive dog breeds as well, just to make sure you won’t get a dangerous … Read more