About Animal Stratosphere

About Animalstratosphere

Welcome to Animal Stratosphere

Thanks for visiting our site! We hope that you will learn everything you need to know about animals and nature.

The goal of Animal Stratosphere is to become the number one source to learn fun and interesting facts about a large number of animals and natural wonders.

We are passionate about all sorts of creatures that share the planet with us, ranging from cuddly little pets to peculiar marine animals and everything in between.

Just browse around on Animal Stratosphere and we’re sure you can spend a couple of hours on our site to learn new things.

Below, you’ll find some more information about our team.

Meet Our Team

Jody McCallum

Jody McCallum Animalstratosphere

Jody is the proud owner of both a cuddly Norwegian forest cat and a labrador. Yes, this means that she is passionate about animals! She turned her hobby into a profession as she started contributing to Animal Stratosphere. Her scope of interest has since broadened remarkably as she writes about all sorts of creatures.

Jessica Robredo

Jessica Robredo Animalstratosphere

Jessica still remembers the first time she went to the zoo as a child. She hasn’t lost her passion for animals ever since and loves to learn more about animals every single day. She frequently contributes to Animal Stratosphere so she can share her extensive knowledge about the animal kingdom.

Keith Dunstan

Keith Dunstan Animalstratosphere

Keith is a nature lover who loves to hike. He spends most of his summers hiking in mountainous areas in the United States. His biggest dream is to travel to Asia to explore the Himalayas and to South America to hike in the Andes Mountains. He frequently contributes to Animal Stratosphere by producing nature-related content.

Marissa Becker

Marissa Becker Animalstratosphere

Marissa grew up in a small coastal town in New Brunswick, Canada, and has been fascinated by nature for as long as she can remember. She visited Niagara Falls for the first time as a little child and was captivated by this incredible force of nature. She loves contributing to Animal Stratosphere by publishing nature-related articles.